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Barbecue Around the World

The first Southerners to barbecue were native Florida Indians, but as America developed, so did several regional styles of barbecue, using different cuts of meat, sauces, spices, and cooking methods. Other countries, such as South Africa, Kenya, and Brazil, have their own strong barbecue traditions.

Central BBQ inexpensive–moderate 2249 Central Ave.; www.cbqmemphis.comv Join the college students on the outdoor deck for award-winning pork plates, ribs, and hot wings, cooked up by two veterans of the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Contest.
Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous
52 South Second St.;
Customers form a line down the alley to enter this basement rib joint, which has been serving up some of the city’s best barbecue since 1948.
Red-checked tables and Memphis memorabilia are arranged around the barbecue pit.
5259 Poplar Ave.;
Old-fashioned, slow-cooked, hickory-smoked ribs and hand-pulled pork, the hits of the ’50s and ’60s, and the down-home decor of barn wood walls and cheery neon make this a Memphis favorite.
Barbecue means beef in Texas, where there are several regional styles. The East Texas (marinated in sweet tomato-based sauce) and Central Texas (dry-rubbed with spices and smoked over oak or pecan) barbecues are most popular.
Black’s Barbecue
215 N. Main St., Lockhart;
Black’s is the oldest family-run barbecue restaurant in Texas (since 1932), and still the best, according to its many fans. Their tender beef brisket and homemade sausage are made to secret family recipes.
Railhead Smokehousev
2900 Montgomery St., Fort Worth;
This simple but lively Fort Worth barbecue joint is the place to go for the tenderest and tastiest beef brisket, ribs, pork tenderloin, and smoked sausage here in “Cow Town.”
Artz Rib House
2330 South Lamar, Austin;
Mesquite-smoked baby back ribs, country-style pork ribs, brisket, and sausage top the menu here, and you can order some of each. They’re served up with a nightly helping of country and bluegrass music.
Pulled pork is king in North Carolina, where either a whole hog or a choice shoulder of pork is slow-cooked until it pulls gently off the bone. South Carolina tops it with Carolina Gold, a unique yellow sauce made from mustard, brown sugar, vinegar, and spices.
Speedy’s Barbecue
1317 Winston Rd., Lexington, North Carolina;
Set in a former drive-in, Speedy’s still offers curbside service for those who can’t wait for their barbecue sandwiches, plates, and trays – all served in extra-large portions with their delicious special sauce.
Sweatman’s Bar-b-que
1313 Gemini Drive, Holly Hill, South Carolina; (803) 492 7543
In an old wooden house under a pecan tree, this weekend barbecue joint serves some of the most delicious, pit-cooked pulled pork and ribs you’ll find, served with authentic mustard sauce and “cracklins” (crispy pork crackling).
Wilber’s Barbecue
4172 Highway 70 E., Goldsboro, North Carolina; www.wilbersbarbecue.comv They cook the whole hog at Wilber’s. Presidents Clinton and George Bush Sr. have tucked into their pit-cooked, oakwood-flavored pork, chopped and served with potato salad, hush puppies (cornbread fritters), and coleslaw.
Kansas City’s sweet, thick barbecue sauce, made from molasses and tomatoes, is in a class of its own. A variety of meats are rubbed with spices, smoked over hickory wood, and smothered with sauce at the table.
Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue
1727 Brooklyn Ave., Kansas City;
Rated the best barbecue in Kansas City (if not the world), Arthur Bryant’s simple restaurant near the ballpark has been praised by baseball players and presidents for its delicious sauce.
B.B.’s Lawnside Bar-B-Q
1205 E. 85th St., Kansas City;
The “B.B.” stands for blues and beer, and here you’ll have a big helping of the former, either from live bands or from the blues-loving owners’ enormous collection of recordings, along with delicious slow-smoked ribs, pulled pork, beef, sausage, and chicken from the 60-year-old-barbecue pit.
Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue
101 W. 22nd St., Kansas City;
The high ceilings and see-through fireplace in a converted freight house in the Crossroads Arts District make a stunning setting for this top-rated barbecue, cooked in hickory-fired brick ovens.
In Brazil’s ranching region, the gauchos (cowboys) created their own style of barbecue, called churrasco. Try it in barbecue houses (churrascaria rodízio) around the country, where tender cuts of beef and other meats are grilled on long skewers over an open fire and served at your table, all-you-can-eat style.
Av. Atlántica 290, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro;
A mouthwatering choice of some 30 grilled meats is accompanied here by an amazing salad bar with fresh seafood and side dishes, amid artifacts from antique ships and farms.
Rua Dr. Renato Paes de Barros 65, Itaim, São Paulo;
Serving over 20 scrumptious cuts of meats grilled without smoke over heated rocks, including wild boar and the prized hump of the zebu, or Brahma steer, this popular barbecue house is great for vegetarians too, who can fill up on the extensive salad buffet.
 Fogo de Chão
Av. Moreira Guimarães 964, Moema, São Paulo;
An extensive wine list complements the delicious grilled meats and superb salad bar here. Of the three locations in the city, this one has stylish, contemporary decor and a lively atmosphere.
Barbecue is popular throughout Africa. In Kenya, nyama choma (Kiswahili for roasted meat) is usually beef, goat, or mutton; it’s often ordered by weight. Be prepared, however, for even more unusual meats on some upmarket menus.
Summit Resort
Lake Nakura National Park; +254 51 850 165 The open-air complex of lounge bars, dance floor, pool, and dining areas surrounding this friendly resort just outside the main entrance to the park includes a restaurant serving delicious nyama choma.
Langata Road, Nairobi;
Ostrich and crocodile are among the huge skewers of meats cooked on an enormous barbecue in the center of Kenya’s most famous restaurant. It’s served at your table by waiters in zebra-striped aprons.
A South African braai, or pit barbecue, is a great social event where friends feast on steaks, lamb cutlets, and spicy sausage.
The best restaurants serve up this relaxed, festive atmosphere along with good food.

Grilled fish features on South African menus, where “linefish” simply means any fish caught by line from the sea; herding cattle in Brazil, where beef is king

Mama Africa
178 Long Street, Cape Town; +27 21 424 8634 If you want to try roasted game meat, this is the place to find kudu, ostrich, springbok, and crocodile on the menu, with three African marimba bands providing a lively atmosphere.
Die Strandloper
Langebaan, West Coast;
The delicious ten-course fish and seafood braai is cooked right on the beach at this informal restaurant.
With the guitar music, the beach, and the endless stream of seafood, a meal lasts several hours.

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